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2018-06-22 11:47
The peristaltic pump is a kind of precision measurement instrument, the core is controlled by the program. If it is not a certain understanding of the peristaltic pump, it is easy to have problems when operating the peristaltic pump. We have put together several common problems and solutions to provide a Customer use..these are the peristaltic pump issues:
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1、the selection about Pump head and pump tube.
The pump head pump tube is a key factor in determining the flow rate. If these two steps are incorrect, the flow rate may be inaccurate or the machine may not operate normally.
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To operate on the drive to select the pump head pump tube, under normal circumstances, this link is not wrong, after the driver is completed on the operation, to install the pump head and pump tube, this time it is prone to error, is the selected pump The head pump tube does not match the actual installed pump head tube. This is the most common problem.
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1、Use of external controls.
Many customers use external controls to control the peristaltic pump. The most common is to control the speed and start and stop. Some customers will choose the direction of external control. At this time, it is no use to operate the arrow keys on the drive. Do not panic at this time. Remove the direction from the external control project on the drive. Because the external control operation is more complicated, if the customer has the need in this regard, it is best to communicate with us in advance, and the operation will not be a problem under the guidance of professional technical personnel.

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