How to maintain a peristaltic pump

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2018-06-15 16:20
How to maintain a peristaltic pump
Peristaltic pump life cycle is closely related to the maintenance of the peristaltic pump.Although the basic quality of the peristaltic pump is determined by the core of the drive motor, the maintenance of the peristaltic pump can largely extend the life of the peristaltic pump.So how to maintain a peristaltic pump, the following brief introduction for everyone:
First of all, the working environment of the peristaltic pump must meet its factory standards. If there are special requirements, it must be explained in advance with the manufacturer to avoid the problem of product damage in a short time.For example, the material of a peristaltic pump used in the chemical field must be resistant to corrosion because the air in the working environment may contain weak acids or weak bases. Peristaltic pumps work in this environment for long periods of time. The housing and even the rollers can be subject to slight corrosion. Therefore, in this environment, the rollers and housing of the peristaltic pump must be made of corrosion-resistant materials.
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Second, the motor cannot be used continuously for a long time, which will greatly shorten its life. The pump tube should be cleaned regularly and replaced to ensure the accuracy of the flow.
Finally, and most importantly, if you are not very proficient in the product, do not easily replace important parts of the product, or change the program. If the customer has such needs, you can contact the manufacturer to communicate. It is best for the manufacturer to complete the change. jobs.
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