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2018-06-01 14:22
As we all know, a peristaltic pump is a precision metering instrument. Simply put, it is a complete machine. Since it is a machine, it will certainly have a program. People operate the peristaltic pump by program, which involves peristaltic pump setup.
What is the peristaltic pump setup?Specifically, it is to set the pump head, pump tube, filling time, filling volume, stop time, filling frequency, external control mode, etc.

Today's peristaltic pumps are roughly categorized into two types: a peristaltic pump with a digital display and a peristaltic pump with an LED display.

The digitally displayed peristaltic pump has two or three knobs that control the speed, direction, and distribution, respectively. If the peristaltic pump only has transmission capabilities, there are only two knobs. The digital display of the peristaltic pump setting depends on three knobs, for example: Select the pump head, need to enter the A2 interface through the speed button, and then select the appropriate pump head, 200 is YZ1515X, and so on. The installation of such a peristaltic pump requires a certain understanding of the specification. Of course, we can also set it in advance according to the customer's requirements.
peristaltic pump setup
If the customer feels this peristaltic pump setting is a bit trickier, another touchscreen-operated product can be chosen. This kind of product adopts the touch screen operation,

each step has the text prompt, clicks confirms the information, this kind of product even if does not need the specification, the customer also can grasp the operation essential point quickly.

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