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2018-05-31 10:23
Peristaltic pump manufacturers refer to companies that have production and research and development technologies.
A qualified peristaltic pump manufacturer must not only have the function of producing products, but should also provide customers with perfect services.
peristaltic pumps
BT300FJ is a digitally displayed peristaltic pump with distribution function. A characteristic of the peristaltic pump with digital display is that the construction is relatively simple and the operation is convenient.

peristaltic pumps
The general digital display peristaltic pump has a power-off storage function to prevent abnormal peristaltic pump operation due to objective reasons.However, the general digital display peristaltic pump does not have an operation storage function.

peristaltic pumps
ometimes, it is not the technician who operates the peristaltic pump, but the first-line production worker. The first-line workers need to operate the machine quickly. In order to adapt to this situation and meet the needs of our customers, our company has developed and developed a touch-operated peristaltic pump BT600FC. The operation of this peristaltic pump is simpler, and the large display can clearly see the operating status of the peristaltic pump. The most important The fact is that it has an operation storage function that can record each operation and do not need to be set again when it is next used. It can be directly called.
peristaltic pumps
When customers received this pump, they were very happy. The function of this peristaltic pump solved their major problem and enabled them to better produce. Therefore, we sell not only products but also services.

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