How to improve the life of peristaltic pump tubing

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2018-05-23 14:38
How to improve the life of peristaltic pump tubing
The life of peristaltic pump tubing depends on the rotation speed, outlet pressure, tubing material and chemical compatibility. Shenchen standard peristaltic pump tubing has a life of about 200-300 hours (600rpm, 3 rollers). The lower the rotation speed, the longer the tubing life.
If there is a higher requirement for the tubing life, Pristed, BPT, Norprene, A-60-F and other imported peristaltic pump tubings are available. The tubing life can reach over 1000 hours.

peristaltic pump tubing
Peristaltic pump tubing is the main working part of the peristaltic pump, and its performance directly affects the accuracy and stability of the peristaltic pump flow. As a flexible moving part, tubing is a part that has a certain service life and needs to be replaced on a regular basis.
peristaltic pump
There are many factors affecting the life of the peristaltic pump tubing. The main factors are the operating speed of the pump head, the material of the tubing, and the pressure tube gap between the pump head roller and the arc.

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