Peristaltic pumps

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2018-05-03 10:18
Peristaltic pumps, how accurate is the flow?
With a calibrated flow pump system, the flow error can be less than +/- 0.5%. With other pump systems, the flow error range can be less than +/- 3%, in line with the general pumping application requirements.
Peristaltic pumps, is the pumped liquid volume measurement reproducible?
With a calibrated pump system, the repeat error of the volume measurement can be less than or equal to +/-0.25%
What is the effect of viscosity on fluidity?
Using water mobility as a benchmark, the greater the viscosity of the fluid, the lower the flow.
How to reduce the pulsation of the peristaltic pump?
Select a thinner hose at the same flow rate: With a small pump pump flow per revolution, the pulsation amplitude is small
Use a pulsation damper: Use air compression to absorb pulsations.
Increase the number of wheels: Increase the frequency of pulsation and reduce the amplitude of pulsation.
With two pump heads, the rollers stagger the angle: use pulsation cross-complementation to eliminate pulsation
Using back pressure (pressure on the output): The output has pressure to deform the pump tube and absorb the pulsation

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