Transfer pump price

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2018-04-25 15:42
The transmission pump is a basic type of peristaltic pump. In other words, the transmission fluid is a function of all peristaltic pumps.Of course, the price of a transfer peristaltic pump is not the same, and the price of the transfer pump depends on its configuration. In detail, depending on the size of the traffic, the accuracy of the traffic.
Transfer pump price
In general, the less liquid that is delivered, the higher the customer's accuracy requirements.For example: If the customer transmits 100ml of liquid per minute, if the transmission accuracy is 0.5%, then the error may be 0 - 1ml, but if the customer transmits 1000ml of liquid per minute, the error may be 0 - 10ml.10ml than A lot more than 1ml, but their transmission accuracy is actually the same.
Transfer pump price2
The transmission accuracy also has a lot to do with the quality of the drive, Transfer pump price

pump head and pump tube. If equipped with high-quality accessories, the price of transmission pumps will certainly be higher.

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