Correct installation of peristaltic pumps

2018-04-25 11:37

1. The pump should be installed smoothly to reduce vibration and reduce noise.
2. There is a section of flexible or rigid short section (about 80 to 100 cm) between the outlet flange of the peristaltic pump and the connection of the pipeline in order to replace the hose.
3. No pump is required to start the pump. Therefore, the installation height of the pump can be above the material plane, and auxiliary lines and starting facilities are not needed, but the height difference should not exceed 20 meters.
4, in the transmission medium viscosity, particles, easy deposition, poor flow conditions, the pump is generally installed under the material.
5. When using the pump, pay attention to reduce the elbow (especially the right angle elbow) when piping. Under normal circumstances, the outlet diameter and hose diameter can be equivalent, for the long pipeline, viscosity, poor flow of material, the outlet diameter should be 1.2-1.3 times the diameter of the pump hose.
6, the import and export of the pump does not allow the installation of check valve.
7. The peristaltic pump price  outlet of the peristaltic pump should be equipped with a pressure gauge in order to monitor the operation of the pump.
8. The inlet and outlet of the pump are in the same direction of the pump, and the inlet and outlet of the pump can be interchanged, which is decided by the user according to the piping and the actual situation.
9, the electrical installation should be equipped with positive and negative buttons for maintenance, replacement and self-cleaning.

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