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2018-04-20 16:53
Many customers have a misunderstanding that the filling system is assembled with several peristaltic pumps.In fact, this is not the case. The filling system can indeed fill several channels simultaneously like several peristaltic pumps, and the flow rate of each channel can also be different.The filling system is a separate entity. It has only one control screen, which reduces the time required for the operation and makes it easier.
Filling system peristaltic pump with 4 channels
GS series integrated intelligent filling system, constituted by control units and integrated filling units. Each group have 4 filling units, one standard control unit can operate four groups, total 16 filling units.
Filling peristaltic pump
*This system adopts industrial true-color 4.3 inches digital screen, touch screen controlling. To preset infusion volume, working time, interval time, filling frequency, back suction angle are available.
    *Dynamic displaying working states, filling data, default parameters, system configuration at the same time; with intelligent calibration and online fine tuning functions. And it can be connected by foot switches or receiving the signal switch, to realize the long-range control.
    *Unique motor running state output signal, make it available for other equipment to monitor the filling status at any time. We attach great importance to the customer experience.
    *Suitable for non-pollution and high precision of fluid filling, the filling precision could reach +/- 0.5.
GS600 dispensing & filling system.

Full speed button: for filling in or emptying out the tubing quickly.

Steering button: to adjust the forward and reverse operation of the system.

Start button: large button design, easy to operate.

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