Syringe pump

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2018-04-18 09:55
Syringe pump
ZS100-03 is a high precision injection pump that supports multiple working modes.Adopt a 4.3-inch color touch.It is convenient to set parameters quickly, multiple indicators clearly confirm its working status, and Support multiple syringe selection, adapt to different experimental flow requirements, high precision control, and soft&Hard protection mechanism and alarm mechanism;Support injection, extraction and other four working modes;Wide range power supply Input, adapt to various occasions.

The ZS100-03 is a new type of syringe pump. It has three channels and can perform three injections simultaneously.
Syringe pumps are widely used in the laboratory and medical industries because of their high accuracy and low flow rate.
Installation of syringe instructions
With [fast-forward] or [fast-back] buttons on the injection pump mask, adjust [slider] to proper position, loosen [rear locking plate external fixation screw], and put the syringe's hand on the[Inside Rear locking plate] and the [Outside rear locking plate].
According to the diameter of the syringe, spin out [block screw], remove [block], loosen [front locking plate fixed screw], put syringe jacket crimping edge between [front locking plate] and [front end block] .
Tighten back locking plate outside screw and front locking plate fixing screw, press hand and coat crimping edge.
Place the block on top of the syringe and press the screw gently on the syringe.
Use the [fast-forward] button on the injection pump mask to empty the injector, fasten the injection pump [limiter] to the slider, and tighten the screws on the limiter.

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