Peristaltic pump price

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2018-04-11 09:16
When selecting peristaltic pumps, customers often tend to lower prices because of price factors.Now I recommend a cost-effective peristaltic pump for everyone - BT600FC.
Peristaltic pump price
BT600FC has a lot of advantages:

First of all, it has a very low price,Because of the different configuration, the price of the peristaltic pump  price
 is also different. The price range of the BT600FC is between 600 US dollars and 1,400 US dollars.
Peristaltic pump price
Second, the BT600FC is very powerful. It is a distribution type peristaltic pump, but it has both transmission and distribution functions. In other words, the same price is equivalent to the purchase of two peristaltic pumps price
Third,BT600FC can be equipped with a variety of pump heads, such as: YZ1515X, YZ2515X, DG series, KZ25 and so on.In this way, its flow range can reach 0.0015-7000ml/min/channel, customers can choose the appropriate pump head according to their own needs.
the most important is that the BT600FC is rugged and durable. Its housing is made of stainless steel and is suitable for a variety of environments.
There are many types of peristaltic pumps on the market today. Some have low prices and some have high prices. However, there are few peristaltic pumps with low prices for good performance.
So if you need a peristaltic pump, BT600FC is a nice choice.

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