Peristaltic pump piping configuration and precautions

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2018-04-03 17:16

The peristaltic pump can easily transport solid, liquid or gas-liquid mixed phase fluids, allowing the solids contained in the fluid to reach 40% of the internal diameter of the tubular element; transporting various materials with grinding, corrosion, and oxygen-sensitive properties and various foods, mainly Because of its superior piping configuration. Today we will introduce it:
1. The peristaltic pump suction line is 1~3 grades or equal to the diameter of the pump inlet.
2. In order to facilitate maintenance and driving, the suction pipeline should be provided with a shut-off valve as close to the pump inlet as possible, with the same diameter and diameter.
3. In order to protect the pump from being damaged, a filter is provided immediately downstream of the shutoff valve of the suction line of the pump, and a T-type filter is usually used.
4, the discharge pipe should be set off valve, valve diameter and diameter the same.
5. A safety valve shall be provided between the outlet of the pump and the first valve.
6. The pump outlet should be equipped with a pressure gauge, located on the straight pipe section between the pump and the first valve of the outlet.
7. On the peristaltic pump outlet line, a net valve should be provided between the first valve and the pump.
Note: The peristaltic pump is strictly forbidden to extract particles with granules and easy to crystallize. It is not allowed to perform continuous operation when the discharge port is closed, and it is necessary to maintain the minimum flow rate. It must be ensured that the installation height of the pump is in line with the NPSH of the pump, taking into account the loss of the line and the temperature of the medium.

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