Dispensing peristaltic pump

Keywords: Dispensing peristaltic pump
2018-03-30 09:53
There are many types of dispensing peristaltic pumps,
Traffic is also different from small to large.Now we will introduce a precise dispensing peristaltic pump——BT100FJ.
Dispensing peristaltic pump
BT100FJ can be used with a variety of pump heads:YZ1515X, YZ2515X, ZN25 and so on.Customers can choose the right pump head according to their application.
Dispensing peristaltic pump
Most importantly, the BT100FJ can be used with a DG pump head, which is a small flow precision pump head.Although the flow range of the DG pump head is very small, it has the advantage that multiple pump heads can be connected in series.
Dispensing peristaltic pump
The function of the dispensing peristaltic pump is to dispense the liquid. 
Dispensing peristaltic pump
When multiple DG pump heads are used together, they can be dispensed at the same time or dispensed simultaneously into multiple containers.
Now with the BT100FJ and DG pump head used in conjunction, often can reach 24 channels. Each channel's flow can reach a maximum of 35ml/min.
If the customer feels this flow range is insufficient to meet the requirements, you can choose BT300FJ, or BT600FJ, these two peristaltic pumps are also assigned peristaltic pumps, and is an upgraded series of BT100FJ, the speed can reach 300 revolutions per minute and 600 revolutions per minute, the flow rate will also Double up.

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