How to use peristaltic pump for dispensing

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2018-01-26 09:26
Peristaltic pump in the palm of the most important role is to efficiently and accurately glue the automatic delivery of glue to the designated location label.
Previously used rotary coating and other coating methods there are the following problems:
1. Glue contact runner, easy to pollute the machine, not easy to clean.
2. Glue transfer coating is uneven, the amount of glue is not easy to control.
3 glue process trouble, debugging inconvenient.
The peristaltic pump due to transport only contact with the pump tube, the adhesive can be continuous and accurate delivery to the location of the development, it can solve the Gripper machine with glue problems.
Glue viscosity is very high, different from the general aqueous fluid, so to ensure efficient long-term stability of the glue, peristaltic pump used in the compass machine Notes:
1. Use a slightly thicker peristaltic pump hose when choosing a pump tube.
2. Appropriate use of slightly larger diameter peristaltic pump hose.
3. As much as possible to reduce the peristaltic pump speed, speed control usually within 50rpm.
4. To regularly check and advance replacement of the pump tube to prevent the pump tube rupture.
5. In the choice of peristaltic pump to try to choose to resist the corrosion resistance of the structural strength of the peristaltic pump head, the driver choose the best choice of flow display and calibration function of peristaltic pump.
6. Peristaltic pump inlet and outlet hoses as short as possible.
7. Glue should pay attention to prevent clogging

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