Small peristaltic pump

Keywords: Small peristaltic pump
2017-11-13 15:59
Small peristaltic pump can become a hose pump, is a new type of industrial pump, which is the product of the development of modern industry.Widely used in food,chemical and other industries.The main delivery of some with sensitive,viscous,highly corrosive,with grinding,purity requirements,and contains a certain granular material medium.Peristaltic pump is an industrial process equipment,to ensure the stability and efficiency of the process industry,low-cost need to ensure long-term hose pump steady operation,while achieving constant current pump constant current delivery purposes,so a good hose pump need to have the following features: Peristaltic pump gear motor with high quality, rather than cycloid gear motor, to ensure that the entire peristaltic pump is very quiet and smooth operation.Peristaltic pump body made of steel, precision lathe cavity processing to ensure that the peristaltic pump hose pump with the precision.Eristaltic pump body with rolling wheel roller method,peristaltic pump cavity filled with cold lubricant,pressure roller clearance can be adjusted.Peristaltic pump hose pump body rotary diameter to be large,the same diameter peristaltic pump hose rotary diameter larger to achieve the same flow rate required for lower speed,lower speed will extend the peristaltic pump inlet life.
Small peristaltic pump

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