Based on the one-chip peristaltic pump working principle

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2017-11-09 16:05

Peristaltic pump is a device used to control the direction and flow of liquid. Its non-polluting, high precision, good sealing, easy maintenance, etc., is widely used. Peristaltic pump by the drive, pump head and pump pipe in three parts, select the precise control, simple operation of the drive control peristaltic pump is the key. Stepping motor is a widely used open-loop control element, which has the advantages of simple control, no accumulated error, accurate positioning, etc. It is suitable for driving system of peristaltic pump. However, due to the inherent characteristics of the stepper motor, there are still some problems such as low control accuracy and low frequency oscillation. Subdivision control is the only way to solve these problems. In recent years, although there are many researches on the subdivision control of stepper motors in our country, few products are practical.
Stepper motor can not work in DC or AC power, you must have a special drive circuit. The traditional stepper motor drive are: a single voltage drive, high and low voltage drive, FM voltage regulator drive and so on. The use of these methods to drive a stepping motor can only rotate in a half step or a whole step to generate low frequency oscillation and noise. Subdivision drive is an electronic damping technology is precisely controlled by the drive stepper motor winding current to achieve, the purpose is to improve the operating characteristics of the motor. Each step the motor runs, the slower the changes in its winding current occur, the less oscillations and noise the motor will have and the steeper the stepping motor.

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