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2017-11-09 16:04

Peristaltic pump does not work when the pressure tube can extend peristaltic pump hose life. Peristaltic pump is by compression peristaltic pump natural rebound suction and fluid delivery, in order to maintain the peristaltic pump hose life, when not using a peristaltic pump, try to pump the peristaltic pump head briquetting, so that Peristaltic pump hoses are naturally free of briquettes, thereby extending the life of the peristaltic pump.
Peristaltic pump selection in the wall to meet the flow, try to make the peristaltic pump speed reduced to three hundred revolutions less. Peristaltic pump flow is generated by the peristaltic pump head rotation, if the faster rotation, peristaltic pump hose use time will be shorter, free when you want peristaltic pump hose longer life can choose as much as possible Peristaltic pump diameter, thereby reducing the peristaltic pump speed.
Peristaltic pump head with a peristaltic pump dedicated tube, the rest with ordinary pipe. Peristaltic pump on the use of the extruded tube due to the need for good compression meeting, tear resistance. Therefore, the high purity of the material of these pump tubes, wall thickness and shape accuracy, which will result in higher peristaltic pump prices. Therefore, the use of ordinary pipe connections will be more economical.
peristaltic pump price   inlet as short as possible, the pipe joints and caliber not less than the pump head installed caliper diameter. Peristaltic pump suction is generated by the pump tube rebound, if the pipeline especially the inlet pipe is too long or smaller diameter, it will cause suction resistance is too large, resistance is too large will be blocked rebound, so the actual delivery Traffic will be a great loss. Similarly, if the outlet pipe diameter smaller or pipelines too long, due to peristaltic pump discharge pressure is usually small, when the discharge resistance is too large will result in reduced output flow phenomenon.

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