Peristaltic pump price

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2017-11-09 11:53
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Peristaltic pump price
Peristaltic pump, also known as hose pump, is a new type of industrial pump. It is the product of the development of modern industry, widely used in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Mainly to transport some sensitive, viscous, highly corrosive, with grinding, purity requirements, and contains a certain granular material medium. Hoses are the only fluid pick-up required for peristaltic pumps, which operate by squeezing the hose through rollers or briquettes, which means that the pump can dry, self-priming and handling high-viscosity, highly abrasive media. In addition, the hose as a separate unit, making the pump without sealing, so it is completely leak-free, very hygienic. And each rotation is a fixed output flow, which makes the peristaltic pump quantitative dosing applications have outstanding performance. This principle can be applied to all peristaltic pumps, then the pump head and drive part is the difference between peristaltic pump quality is the most important factor.
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