Hot weather to expand equipment maintenance and repair

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2017-11-02 10:33
After the completion of the construction of the base and acceptance, maintenance and repair has become a training base to expand the experience, security and benefits of protection.
Teenagers develop training equipment
Expansion of equipment maintenance and maintenance generally from the "impurity" and "in addition to corrosion" two aspects.
Expansion of equipment impurities generally refers to the dust, soil and other non-metallic materials and expand the use of equipment in the process of their own produce some of the metal shavings, wear products. Once these impurities into the device connection, the harm is great, not only the relative movement out of the block, to accelerate the wear and tear parts, increasing instability. "In addition to" maintenance is to remove the surface of the equipment to expand the dirt and equipment to reduce the connection of parts such as iron, etc., to reduce the retention of unsafe factors.
Metal surface and the surrounding medium chemical or electrochemical damage to the phenomenon of corrosion, such as: acid rain. This corrosion will not only affect the appearance of the appearance of the appearance of the instrument, but also corrosion to the inside of the device. Rainwater, chemical substances in the air through the external parts of the equipment parts, such as the gap into the equipment, corrosion equipment parts inside, to accelerate the equipment wear and tear, increase equipment failure.
Summer hot weather more attention to if the equipment maintenance and maintenance. Exposure in the sun under the expansion of training equipment temperature quickly, according to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, it is easy to make the original stretch stability rope length increases, the original stability of the expansion of training equipment has become shaking. The bolt connection is also easy to become loose, so maintenance personnel need to adjust the stability of the appropriate. High temperature is easier to make the oil deteriorate, the surface of the paint to produce cracks and shedding, loss of the role of protective film, the equipment is also more likely to rust, reduce the life of the equipment. In the repair of paint and lubricants should be more frequent than other seasons.

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