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CR peristaltic pump BG600-S can be installed by YZ35  YZ35-13 pump heads, with flow rate from 1.3-12000 ml/min. Flow speeds can be adjusted either by hand through switching knobs, instead of the traditional way of membrane keypad, which reduces obviously the failure rate, or by automatic control through the external controller interface, with three available modes: 0-5V, 0-10V and 4-20mA. Memory function is also available in the product in case of power off. Besides, switching knobs are designed clearly so that it is easy to operate for customers.


Model BG600-S Display Mode 4-LED
Pump head YZ35  YZ35-13 Control Method Rotary encoded knob
Speed Range 0.1-600 rpm Motor Type Stepper motor
Speed resolution 0.1rpm Power supply AC220V or  AC110V
Environment Temperature 0-40℃ External control
Relatively Humidity <80% Start & stop, direction control, speed control( Analog control :0-5v, 0-10v, 4-20mA optionl )
RS232 and RS485 Communication interface, support MODUBUS Communication Protocol
Power consumption <400w

Advantage of CR peristsaltic pump.
CR Peristaltic pump are easy to maintenance
replaceable tubes allow you to switch from one liquid to another in the shortest amount of time.
No need to rinse and disassemble after the flushable product, you only need to replace the peristaltic pump tubing
CR Peristaltic pump with high precisio
The calibration function can ensure the filling accuracy for each dose .The suckback function prevents liquid (reverse): in the dispense mode, after the end of the direct cycle, the return stroke is initiated to prevent the liquid from flowing out of the pump tube during the stop.
CR peristaltic pump are non-pollution: the fluid only contacts the pump tube and does not touch the pump body;
CR Peristaltic pump is Versatility
CR peristaltic pump can be used with a variety of products and can be used in a variety of industries.
CR peristasltic pump are easy to work
After the power is turned off and on, the control system maintains the current settings (pump head  tubing model and other parameter ).
CR peristaltic pump with good sealing: It has good self-priming ability and can be idling to prevent backflow.
CR peristaltic pump with Low shear: ideal for conveying shear sensitive, aggressive fluids

Peristsaltic pump head YZ35-13 is made of PPS (polyphenylene sulfide ether) materials so its rigidity and structure are more excellent. 
Peristsaltic pump head  YZ35  is made of Aluminum alloy ,with good appearance and easy to clean
Its strong capabilities of baring high temperature and erosion especially the excellent performance in the aspects of strong chemical resistance such as resisting organic solvent effectively reducing the damage rate of the pump heads and the customers' cost in maintaining and reparing. 

Tube parameter 
Tube ID(mm) Wall thickness
Flow rate
73# 9.6 3.3 16.2 0.1-600 1.3-7400
82# 13 3.3 19.6 0.1-600 2-12000

CR peristsaltic pump tubing is the most commonly used material for peristaltic pump.
It provides the longest service life, and good chemical compatibility with aqueous and many organic solvents.
Its service life is about 150 hrs at 600 rpm and 825 hrs at 100 rpm.
It can usually be left running on experiments during weekends without much danger of rupture.
A fresh section of tubing should be pulled through the pump rollers before any running peristaltic pump is left unattended.
Silicone tubing can also be autoclaved a single time with a wet cycle without a significant reduction in its life.
High temperature and high pressure sterilization.

Function & characteristics:
1 single pump head flow range: 1.3-12000 ML/MIN 0-720 L/H
2. Speed range: 0.1 ~ 600 (rev / min);
3. Speed resolution: 0.1 at 0.1-100 rpm; 1 at 100-600 rpm;
4. Made of stainless steel, corrosion resistant
5. The button controls the speed, forward and reverse, start and stop, full speed, easy to operate;
6. 4-digit LED digital tube displays speed and working mode;
7. The circuit board is sprayed with three anti-painting processes to achieve dust and moisture resistance.
8. RS485 communication, support MODBUS protocol, analog control and external control start and stop convenient connection with various control devices
9. Two ways of changing flow speeds: by hand through switching knobs/ automatic control through external controller interface 
10. Switching knobs excel membrane keypad in reducing failure rates during the operation 
11. FULL SPEED button available for filling in & emptying out 
12. Memory function available in case of power off 

Peristaltic pumps are widely used in laboratories and scientific research institutions; chemical industry; construction industry; mining, metallurgy industry; paper industry; paint industry; food and beverage industry; ceramic industry; water treatment industry; biopharmaceutical industry; agricultural hydroponics industry; Equipment industry; industrial washing machine matching; packaging machinery industry, etc.
Practical application case
Research laboratory to do drop experiment, organic liquid timing quantitative transmission
Pharmaceutical industry : Pharmaceutical factory . Diagnostic reagent dispensing . machinery supporting for Filling machine / Dry granulation / Coating machine / Fermenter / Centrifuge, etc.
Food industry: filling machine/coffee machine/vending machine
Cosmetics Industry: For filling Perfume/Essential Oils/Lotion/Mask/ nail polish etc.
Construction industry: quantitative addition of water-based additives such as cement foaming agent/cement grinding aid/water reducing agent, small batch cement mortar transportation
Ceramic Industry Ceramic Ingredients / Slurry Transfer
Environmental protection: Flue gas analysis/Water quality monitoring/ COD/BOD etc.
Analytical Instruments: Atomic Fluorescence/Ion Chromatography/Liquid Chromatography /Biochemical Analyzer
Packaging, protection:sealing and gelatinize machine, For adding glass fiber antistatic agent/ Wire coating/mechanical parts oiling .etc.
 Mining and Metallurgy : Precious Metal Flotation / Metallurgy Quantitative Additives /Gem Cutting Fluid Quantitative Addition /Polishing Fluid Delivery
Chemical synthesis: Glass reactor additive /Electroplating dosing /PH value control
Medical: Intestinal cleaning (endoscope matching) /Washing machine matching/ Liposuction surgery (for swelling anesthesia)
Cleaning: Washing machine Dishwasher (delivering detergent, etc.)  etc.
Agriculture: fertilizer addition  Dosing of animal feed additives

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