Baisc type Food industry peristaltic liquid pump





1.Oil material adding in cosmetic production.
2.Vitamin adding in milk.
3.Material adding in plating.


3-digit LED rotary knob.

Baisc type Food industry peristaltic liquid pump  -  ZG600

ZG600-type peristaltic pump using high-power DC motor driven pump head, powerful output power, torque, variable speed multi-turn potentiometer. Desktop structure, flow stability, and torque, low noise, simple operation, can drive double pump head. Drive within the speed range 60 ~ 600rpm/min run, greater pressure for industrial fluid transfer applications. Switch on the operator panel control of the pump working state, the panel knob to adjust the pump speed. Product Outline of the icon as follows.

Technical Parameter:

Model: ZG600

Flow rate: 740-12000ml/min

Display mode: 3-digit LED displays current rpm

Speed Control Method: Rotary encoded switch

​​​​Power consumption: <400W

IP rating: IP31 

Speed: 60-600rpm

Speed resolution: 1rpm

Weight: 19KG

Power supply: AC220V±10%(standard) or AC110V ±10%(optional)

Work Environment: Temperature  0-40℃, <80% relative humidity, no condensation

Dimension Drawing:

Operation Panel:


Pump head:



Silicone tube parameter:

ZG600/YZ35 or YZ35-13(1.3-12000ml/min)
Tube ID(mm) Wall thickness(mm) OD(mm) Speed(rpm) Flow rate(ml/min)
73# 9.6 3.3 16.2 0.1-600 1.3-7400
82#​​​​ 13 3.3 19.6 0.1-600 2-12000

CR pump's silicon tube is the most commonly used material for peristaltic pump.
It provides the longest service life, and good chemical compatibility with aqueous and many organic solvents.
Its service life is about 150 hrs at 600 rpm and 825 hrs at 100 rpm.
It can usually be left running on experiments during weekends without much danger of rupture.
A fresh section of tubing should be pulled through the pump rollers before any running peristaltic pump is left unattended.
Silicone tubing can also be autoclaved a single time with a wet cycle without a significant reduction in its life.
High temperature and high pressure sterilization.

Function & characteristics:
1. Applicable pump heads: YZ35-13 YZ35

2. Two ways of changing flow speeds: by hand through switching knobs/ automatic control through external controller interface.

3. This constant peristaltic pump can be installed by YZ1515x/YZ2515x pump heads.

4. Memory function available in case of power off.

5. Good capability price rate.

6. Not suitable when used in the open air.

1. For liquid chromatography

2. Water treatment sampling

3. Dry grnulating machine supporting

4. Cell culture fluid filtration

5. University, research institute for laboratory use

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