Quick description
* Model: TH15
* Max speed: 100rpm
* Max flow: 170ml/min

TH15 Micro Flowrate Peristaltic Pump Head For Coolant Liquid Transfer/TH15 - TH15

·Rollers made by imported nylon, not become brittle; solid but not brittle.
·Crust use streamlined design, with card bit, easily snaps into the pump.
·Accept tubing from 0.8mm-6.4mm.
·Easy to change and fix the tubing. Occlustion can be adjusted slightly by ratchet wheel.
·Small size, compact and robust design.
·Trouble-free continuous tube loading in seconds.
·Reliable performance without any operator adjustments.
·Automatic tube stretch for high accuracy and repetitive flow.
·Safe and closed with visible rotor movement.
·Spring-loaded operation for good pressure control.
·Pumphead accepts seven bore sizes of tubing for flows up.
·Smooth, cog-free operation.

·TH15 Spring Type Pump, the wheels group with a spring mechanism, can suitable change for tube thickness, easy to load tube, apply to equipment OEM complement, used in installed on the device or instrument panel.
·TH15 pump heads are designed for micro flow rates. Easy to change and fix the tubing. Occlusion can be adjusted slightly. The rollers adopt high quality materials. The pump head consists of base, rotor assembly Upper cover.

·TH15 pump head is often used in flue gas analysis and is suitable for use with synchronous motors. Synchronous motor speed is 5 /10 / 30 / 60 / 80 / 100 rpm optional


Please select the appropriate hose and motor according to your specific needs.

Pump head
Tube ID Wall thickness Max Speed Flow rate
(mm) (mm)  (rpm) (ml/min)
TH15 13# 0.8 1.6 100 7
14# 1.6 1.6 100 27
16# 3.1 1.6 100 82
25#  4.8 1.6 100 170
17# 6.4 1.6 100 29

CR peristaltic pump tubing is the most commonly used material for peristaltic pump:
It provides the longest service life, and good chemical compatibility with aqueous and many organic solvents.
Its service life is about 150 hrs at 600 rpm and 825 hrs at 100 rpm.
It can usually be left running on experiments during weekends without much danger of rupture.
A fresh section of tubing should be pulled through the pump rollers before any running peristaltic pump is left unattended.
Silicone tubing can also be autoclaved a single time with a wet cycle without a significant reduction in its life.
High temperature and high pressure sterilization.

*If you encounter any quality issues, please contact us in time.
*CR tube pump guarantee 7*24 hour online.
*CR manufacturer pump products with one year warranty and lifetime maintenance.
*The product pictures and models, data, functions, performance, specifications and other parameters of this website are for reference only. CR pump may improve the above contents. For details, please refer to the product and product manual. Unless otherwise stated, the data contained in this website are CR pump internal test results, and the comparisons are compared with the CR pump products.

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