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With DC worm gear motor .
The Peristaltic pump motor's gears are heat-treated after grinding.with wear resistance,long life,low noise .etc.
Adhere to only metal gears ,gears are made of metal material ,smooth transmission and high torque transmission

yesPump head:
The pump head is made of aluminum

Electrophoretic spray paint, with smooth coating film, good water resistance and chemical resistance

The top cover is acrylic material

Support customization into the customer's LOGO

yesPump tubing: 
Model : 73#  ID 9.6 mm OD16.2mm
Standard :
Platinum vulcanized silicone tube 
No odor, high transparency
WIth FDA certification
Non-standard :
France Saint-Gobain original imported tube .
We can help you to choose the suitable tube depend on your liquid composition


Model Pump head Motor Max Flowrate\(ml/min ) Tube Max speed
OEM210-1 WP500  DC24V 3400 73# 265
OEM210-2 WP500 DC12V 5000 73# 600

Motor Specifications : 
1. Ambient temperature 25±5°C.

Noise ≤60dB Factory inspection item

Vibration ≤1.8mm/S

Temperature rise ≤50°C

2. Noise: When the motor is no-load, it is 300mm away from the motor, and the background noise is less than 55 dB(A). The A-weighted sound power level noise measured is not more than 65.


3. Mechanical vibration: When the motor is tested for vibration according to the relevant provisions of GB10068.1, the vibration speed measured when the motor is running at no load is not more than 1.8mm/s.

4. Insulation resistance: ≥20MΩ under normal temperature and normal humidity, ≥5MΩ in thermal state (tested with 500V megger);

5, insulation withstand strength: 1, electrical strength: after the motor is insulated, between the rotor winding and the casing, apply DC300V/60S /5mA voltage, not

Flashing and breakdown occur; or DC600 /1S /5mA is applied without flashing and breakdown.

6. Starting voltage: At normal temperature and rated frequency, the voltage rises at a speed of 3V/sec. Under no load conditions, the performance requirements of the motor are met.


Wastewater Treatment Sampling Peristaltic Pump 

Model : OEM210-2 /WP500 
Motor :DC12V
Speed : 300 rpm
Flow : 5 Liters per min

Milk Vending Machine
Model : OEM210-1/WP500 
Motor :DC24V
Speed : 265 rpm
Flow : 3.4 Liters per min

French fries vending machine

Model : OEM210-1/WP500 
Motor :DC24V
Speed : 265 rpm
Flow : 3.4 Liters per min

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