Agricultural fertilizer adding machine supporting OEM peristaltic pump - OEM206

Quick description
* Motor: DC12V/DC24V/Synchronous motor
* Pump head:WP300
* Max speed  : 300 rpm
* Flow range :0~1000 ml/min
OEM206 is a very popular small peristaltic pump. It is small in size, and the upper cover and connecting plate can be customized according to requirements to meet different installation needs. The hose is easy to replace and easy to maintain. The aluminum rotor can guarantee its service life. DC, stepper motors and synchronous motors can be installed to meet different power supply requirements (DC12V, DC24V, AC220V).
It is widely used in laundry rooms, dishwashers, coffee machines, water and fertilizer machines, aquariums, aquaculture systems, hydroponic systems, etc.

·Flow Rates from 0 ml/min to 1100 ml/min.
·7 different tube sizes available.
· Available in 115 VAC 230 VAC DC12V & 24V.
·2 or 3 rollers
·Single Channel
·Custom mounting brackets available.
·Ideal for fluid transfer application which require high accuracy and repeatability.
·Pump head is compact and simple in design with same side tubing entry/exit.
·Perfect for space-limited applications.
·Pump heads are compact and easy to integrate into your OEM applications.
·Call for more information on our OEM services.  

Model Pump head Motor Max Flowrate(ml/min ) Max speed
OEM206-1 Wp300 DC24V 1000 300
OEM206-1 DC12V 1000 300
OEM206-2 Stepper Motor 1000 300
OEM206-3 Sychronous Motor 280 100

Tube ID mm OD mm Max speed(rpm ) Max flowrate(ml/min)
13# 0.8 4.0 300 21
14# 1.6 4.8 300 81
19# 2.4 5.6 300 153
16# 3.1 6.3 300 246
25# 4.8 8.0 300 510
17# 6.4 9.6 300 870
18# 7.9 11.1 300 1000

Model Roller Roller material Roller Carrier
WP300-1 2 Plastic Plastic
WP300-2 3 Plastic Alum

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