Small Peristaltic Pump Micro Flow - UCP314

Quick description
Flow: 0-420ml/min
The WP200 series OEM micro flow small peristaltic pump consists of pump head, motor, and tube. It is mainly suitable for use with online monitoring instruments such as COD and CEMS.In addition to the continuation of the basic transmission function of the peristaltic pump, the pump head has stronger practicality. The unique design of elastic rollers, snap-fit installation, rolling positioning wheels, Flexible press tube, etc. makes the liquid flow transmission more stable, the tube life is longer and the loading and unloading is more convenient.

Number of channels 1
Number of rollers 2
Pressure tube method Elastic pressure tube(self-adaption)
Vacuum degree ≤ 0.08 MPa
Outlet pressure ≤ 0.15 MPa
Sample temperature +60℃
Environment temperature +45℃
IP grade IP20
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz(5W)or 24VDC (5W)
Size 78×108×80mm
Motor AC synchronous motor
42 Stepper motor
37 DC brushed reducer motor

AC synchronous motor (ml/min) Stepping motor (ml/min) continuous DC motor (ml/min)
1 rpm 5 rpm 10 rpm 0-100 rpm 0-300rpm 10rpm 30rpm 80rpm 175rpm
14# 0.20 1.0 2.0 0-20 0-56 2.0 6 14 30
19# 0.40 2.0 4.0 0– 40 0-120 4.0 12 32 70
16# 0.70 3.5 7.0 0-70 0-210 7.0 twenty one 56 122
25# 1.40 7.0 14.0 0- 140 0-420 14.0 42 112 245

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