Quick description
* Drive Model: BG600FJ-S
* Pump Head :YZ35-13,YZ35
* Speed range : 0.1-600 rpm
* Flow range : 1.3-12000 ml/min
* Max channels : 2
* Remote control : optional
* Foot pedal : optional

Digital industrial dispensing pump - BG600FJ-S

FJ dispensing peristaltic pumps on function is powerful:
·External control function-Multiple mode selection: communication mode, analog mode,foot switch control.Provide customized services.
·Memory function-data will be stored in time after power off. When power supply is restored, the pump can remember the parameter Settings before power off, which is more safe and reliable. 
·Calibration function-intelligent flow calibration: after setting the target flow, input the actual flow value, and the system will automatically carry out flow calibration to ensure the flow accuracy
·Full speed function-one button to control full speed operation, used for quick cleaning, filling and emptying tubes, etc
·Suckback function-By setting Suckback angle and Suckback speed to prevent liquid dripping and ensure fluid accuracy.

Drive model BG600FJ-S
Speed range 0.1~600rpm(reversible)
speed resolution 0.1rpm
Flow range 1.3~12000ml/min
Filling Accuracy <±0.5%
Flow calibration Yes
Control Method Digital knob to adjust the speed(Support external signal control and communication control)
Display Mode 4-LED display current speed or flow
Filling volume range 0.01-9999ml
copy number range 0~9999t “0” is infinite loop
Filling time range 0.1s~9999min                                                            
Pause Time range 0.1s~9999min
Suckback angle 10°~720° (1° Stepping)
Suckback speed 10~300rpm
Power supply AC220V±10%(standard) or AC110V±10%(optional)
Power consumption <400W
Environment Temperature 0~40℃
Relatively Humidity <80%, No condensation
Drive size 445X232X226(mm)
Drive weight 19kg
Motor type Stepper motor
IP grade IP31
Working mode Filling mode, Transmission mode
External control interface DB-15

Multiple control mode-It can not only manually adjust the speed, but also preset the Filling time,copy number,Pause Time and Suckback angle.Support external control function, convenient for users to choose to use;
Multiple pump heads-The pump can install a variety of pump heads: YZ35-13,YZ35,  can be in series to meet different flow requirements;
Double working mode-FJ series peristaltic pumps with two working modes: transmission mode and filling mode; The working mode can be switched freely to realize the function of quantitative liquid distribution.

Suitable pump head & Flow reference (ml/min)
pump head YZ35-13  YZ35
Tube 73# (9.6*3.3) 82#(13*3.3)
BG600FJ-S 1.3-7400ml/min 2~12000ml/min

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