The importance of peristaltic pumps in water quality testing

The importance of peristaltic pumps in water quality testing

With the increase of the worlds population and the development of industrial and agricultural production, water consumption is also increasing day by day.

With the increase of the world's population and the development of industrial and agricultural production, water consumption is also increasing day by day. At the same time, due to human production and life, the pollution of surface and groundwater bodies and the deterioration of water quality has made limited water resources even tenser. With such a shortage of water resources, we must cherish water resources even more, and at the same time do a good job in inspections by inspection departments to protect the health of the people. Water inspection is about people's livelihood metabolism and should not be underestimated. This is its significance.

1.Main test items of water quality inspection

Water quality inspection refer to the uniform time limit or improper inspection of chemical substances, suspended matter, sediments, and aquatic ecosystems in the water, determining the types, concentrations, and changing trends of water pollutants, and evaluating water quality conditions.

The main monitoring items can be divided into two categories.

A.Comprehensive indicators reflecting water quality, such as temperature, color, turbidity, pH, conductivity, suspended matter, dissolved oxygen, chemical oxygen demand, etc.

B.Certain toxic substances, such as phenol, cyanide, arsenic, lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury, and organic pesticides

2.Types of water quality samplers

The water quality sampler is a device that collects water quality samples. According to the form of work, it can be divided into the manual sampler, water quality automatic sampler, and online automatic sampler.

Our water quality samplers are mainly watered quality automatic samplers and online automatic samplers

It is suitable for all levels of environmental monitoring stations, sewage treatment plants, water resources management, water resources and research institutions, automatic sampling of industrial pollution source discharge outlets, rivers, rivers, lakes, oceans and other water samples.  
3. The basic principles of water sampling

The machine is driven by a reliable peristaltic pump and hybrid stepping adjustment

A peristaltic pump is like squeezing a fluid-filled hose with your fingers. When your fingers slide forward, the fluid in the tube moves forward. The peristaltic pump is based on the same principle, just using a roller instead of a finger. Alternately squeeze and loosen the flexible conveyor belt hose of the pump to pump fluid. Just like holding a hose with two fingers, when the fingers are moved, negative pressure will be formed in the tube and liquid will flow.

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