Application of peristaltic pump in cement grinding aid

Application of peristaltic pump in cement grinding aid

Cement grinding aid is a chemical additive that improves the grinding effect and performance of cement.

What is cement grinding aid?

Cement grinding aid is a chemical additive that improves the grinding effect and performance of cement. It can improve the performance of cement. It include liquid and powder (solid). Among them, solid grinding aids are used in the early stage. , Due to dust pollution, solid cement grinding aids will gradually transition to liquid grinding aids.

Features of peristaltic pump:

The advantage of the peristaltic pump is that the liquid itself does not touch the pump body and is easy to clean. However, peristaltic pumps need to replace hoses regularly. To improve work efficiency, reduce the cost of consumables, and reduce the frequency of tube replacement, the life of the peristaltic pump hose has become the most important aspect to consider when choosing a peristaltic pump.

How to improve the life of the peristaltic pump hose?

The peristaltic pump tube used to transfer the cement grinding aid can meet the demand with the silicone tube, and there is no need to use the imported tube, but the majority of users may have this question: Is the hose material the same, the specification is the same, and the service life must be the same? The answer is no. In addition to the material of the hose itself, another very important factor is the performance and speed of the pump head. Peristaltic pumps work by squeezing the hose, and the life of the hose is often squeezed fatigue damage, that is, a limit number of the hose being squeezed is a certain number, so the higher the speed, the shorter the life. This theory tells us that when choosing a peristaltic pump if there is no special requirement, choose a thicker tube as much as possible so that the flow rate can be met at a lower speed. In this way, the purpose of increasing the life of the hose is achieved.

Another factor that needs to be considered is the performance of the pump head itself, whether the pressure can be adjusted, and whether the pressure tube gap is uniform. Pressure regulation can prevent the hose from being overpressured and unable to be released, or the pressure is not enough to cause transmission. When the hose is overpressured, life will be shortened exponentially, which will seriously affect normal work. However, when the hose is encountered with a negative tolerance, or the pipe wall becomes thin after a period of work, it may cause insufficient pressure. Not even on the water. The uniformity of the pressure pipe gap is also a factor to be considered. Because the principle of the peristaltic pump determines the overall tightness during the working process, the pressure will be adjusted based on the lowest point of pressure without water leakage. If the pressure pipe gap is not uniform cause stress highest and lowest points vary greatly, so that will be part of the hose overpressure, then this part of the life of the hose will be reached first.

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