The CR Peristaltic pump should be noted?

The CR Peristaltic pump should be noted?

The motor selected for the peristaltic pump should be able to run statically for a long time to ensure the continuous and stable work of the online analysis of flue gas.

The peristaltic pump is mainly used for the discharge of condensed water in the flue gas analyzer. The flue gas usually contains O2, CO, NO, NO2, NOx, SO2, NH3, and other flue gas substances.
The flue gas analyzer is equipped with a high-power Palpost gas cooler and a drainage peristaltic air pump, as well as electronic detection of condensate once the drainage limit is reached, automatically open the peristaltic pump, condensate discharge, very suitable for wet flue gas monitoring and analysis. At the same time, the instrument is equipped with a three-stage filter and particulate collecting device, which can effectively filter dust particles.
Advantages of peristaltic pump in flue gas analyzer:
Some matters needing attention in the selection of peristaltic pump of flue gas analyzer. The environment where the flue gas analyzer is located usually has different flue gas substances. The liquid produced by these substances after condensation usually has certain corrosiveness, so the following problems should be paid attention to when selecting a peristaltic pump:
1. The pump shell of the peristaltic pump should be made of anticorrosive material to ensure that it can not be corroded and cracked in the corrosive gas environment for a long time.
2. The motor selected for the peristaltic pump should be able to run statically for a long time to ensure the continuous and stable work of the online analysis of flue gas.
3. The pump pipe of the peristaltic pump should be made of material that can withstand corrosion.
4. On the premise that the flow of the peristaltic pump should meet the technological requirements, the pump with low speed should be selected as far as possible to prolong the pump life.
5. In the installation of the peristaltic pump, attention should be paid to the leakage of the pump tube after damage should not drip into the motor, to prevent the motor from being burned due to the inflow of liquid. Therefore, the motor should not be installed vertically under the pump head.

The CR Peristaltic pump should be noted?
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