Optimization of peristaltic pump in ICP optimization

2021-01-06 18:26
Mainly refers to the peristaltic pump clamp optimization
The adjustment steps are as follows:
1. Install the peristaltic pump clamp and put it in place. (it is better to install all the pump clamps to avoid the inclination of the pump clamps. )
2. Through the plasma control panel, set the atomizing gas pressure as 30psi.
3. Put the sample tube into distilled water and observe the flow of distilled water.
4. Adjust the pressure wrench of the pump clamp (loosen at the front and tighten at the back) to stop the flow of distilled water completely,
A little more tightening, when the pressure is the best.
5. Adjust the waste liquid tube peristaltic pump clamp to make its pressure slightly greater than or equal to the sample tube pressure. (the pump speed can be set to 100RPM through the plasma control panel to observe the waste liquid discharge. )
Note: a wrong setting of pump clamp pressure will lead to poor analysis quality. If it is too loose, the result will drift due to the free inhalation of some samples; if it is too tight, the pulsation from the pump pipe will reduce the analysis accuracy.

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