Several problems need to pay attention to when transfer bromine with the peristaltic pump

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2020-12-11 13:40
Bromine is a dark reddish-brown liquid. It is also a liquid nonmetallic element at room temperature. It has a pungent smell and is highly corrosive. It is mainly used for the production of bromide, as a general analytical reagent, oxidant, absorber for ethylene and hydrocarbons, and as a brominated agent for organic synthesis.
Since bromine is an organic solvent, it is highly corrosive. When transferring bromine, the peristaltic pump matching silicone tube cannot transfer bromine, because bromine will corrode the silicone tube. Currently available for transmission of bromine and compatible with peristaltic pumps, only a rubber-lined Teflon hose lined with teflon material, resistant to expansion and cracking, suitable for almost all solvents. And teflon can also transport bromine. Because the teflon pipe is too hard to be used with a peristaltic pump, teflon lined hose can only be used, that is, teflon lined hose.
1.Start up and preheat the hose
As the teflon lined hose is harder than the silicone tube, it is necessary to squeeze the teflon lined tube at low speed to soften it at the beginning of startup. Or at low-speed pump head extrusion rod open, slowly press the extrusion rod down, while press to observe whether the hose is evenly squeezed. Wait until the hose is evenly squeezed, you can gradually accelerate the peristaltic pump, which will increase the speed to the required flow rate.
2. Auxiliary treatment at the inlet of the hose
The outer wall of the teflon hose cannot be in contact with bromine because the outer wall of the hose is not resistant to bromine corrosion. At this point, connect the PTFE tube to the inlet of the hose, and then insert the PTFE tube into the bromide container, bearing in mind that the teflon lined hose cannot be inserted into the bromide solution.

Several problems need to pay attention to when transfer bromine with the peristaltic pump
3. Use sparingly and change the lining of teflon hose regularly
Due to the high cost of lining teflon hose, when matching with a peristaltic pump, only a 30cm hose can be intercepted and used in conjunction with the pump head, because the hose is fixed by the pump head controls the overall flow. Ptfe tubes can be used for the rest of the transmission to save cost. For the peristaltic pump, the hose is consumable, so regularly check the condition of the part of the hose being squeezed, if there is abnormal (such as serious deformation there are signs of tear), be sure to replace the hose in time. To prevent accidents from happening.
The peristaltic pump is an economical and effective device for bromine transmission. Because the bromine does not flow through the pump body, only in contact with the hose, will not corrode to the peristaltic pump body parts, just replace the hose regularly. Peristaltic pump control, a small error, very suitable for the actual demand of bromide timing and quantitative transmission.

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