How to transfer granular fluid with a Peristaltic pump?

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2020-11-27 14:34
The peristaltic pump is one of the pump products that can transfer solid-liquid mixture, but peristaltic pump transmission of the solid-liquid mixture is limited, some problems should be paid attention to in the use.
The solid components contained in the liquid-solid mixture can be divided into two types: hard particles and flexible particles.
When transporting the solid-liquid mixture with hard particles, if the specific gravity of hard particles is relatively large and easy to deposit, the transmission with a peristaltic pump should run at a higher speed, because this kind of mixture is easy to accumulate at the inlet pipe of peristaltic pump, causing the blockage. Agitator shall be installed in the container containing the solid-liquid mixture to ensure that the solid particles are not precipitated and evenly distributed so that they can be uniformly extracted by the peristaltic pump. In addition to the diameter of hard solid particles is limited, usually, the max particle diameter can not exceed 10% of the hose diameter. When the transmission of hard solid particles of uniform size, choose a thicker pipe, make the particle diameter less than 5% of the hose diameter or lower proportion, otherwise, there is the possibility of the pump head being stuck by solid particles.
When the solid-liquid mixture with flexible particles is transmitted, the proportion of the flexible particles is generally small, and the whole is opaque, which is not easy to deposit, so the peristaltic pump can operate at a lower speed. In general, an agitator should also be installed in the container of the solid-liquid mixture to ensure the uniform distribution of flexible particles. For the flexible particle, diameter requirements are relatively loose, usually, the max particle diameter can not exceed 30% of the hose diameter. When the flexible particle size of transmission is even, choose a thicker pipe so that the particle diameter is less than 15% of the internal diameter of the hose or a lower proportion, otherwise, the pump head may produce destructive extrusion on the flexible particle or the hose is blocked by the flexible particle, resulting in poor transmission.

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