What are the application industries of peristaltic pumps

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2020-11-25 13:29
1. Pharmaceutical field
Peristaltic pump USES pollution-free and non-corrosive peristaltic pump special hose. Peristaltic pump pipes meeting the requirements of USP and VI can withstand high-temperature disinfection treatment. There are a variety of drivers to choose from, can be used in the following occasions: in the medium fermentation process, through the peristaltic pump delivery of nutrients, PH adjustment agent, distribution of makeup solution.
2. Laboratory area
Peristaltic pump has excellent repeatability accuracy in small volume fluid distribution and metering. No valves need to be installed, eliminating the usual blocking and siphoning of fluids. Common applications in laboratory research and development include tissue transport, sample decolorization, perfusion, liquid chromatography, and transport of acidic or alkaline solutions.
3. Food and chemical industry
Many existing peristaltic pump pipe materials can meet the requirements of USP, FDA, and NS. The peristaltic pump can easily transport viscous liquid and liquid with fine particles, the peristaltic pump does not need cleaning. Replace the fluid by replacing the hose. Common USES are the distribution of juices, yogurts, flavorings, syrups on food production lines, and canning of other foods.
4. General areas
The peristaltic pump can work in continuous liquid delivery occasions, and can timely find and solve many difficult problems in fluid delivery. It can transport sewage, suspended solids, corrosive chemicals, and other difficult fluids. Multiple peristaltic pumps can be used in harsh factory conditions. Peristaltic pump self-irrigation and dry running capacity to avoid many industrial systems in catastrophic failure. Some common USES are: fuel liquid, etching chemical etch liquid, printing ink, laundry chemical solution, grinding fluid, lubricating fluid, etc.

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