Peristaltic pump terms and conditions

Keywords: Peristaltic pump conditions
2020-11-25 13:03
1. The peristaltic pump is a positive displacement peristaltic pump, and the flow of the pump is determined by the output speed of the driving device. Due to the peristaltic pump structure and material restrictions, the speed is not easy to be too high.
2. When the process for continuous operation, the actual flow should be consistent with the basic rated flow of the peristaltic pump, if the need for stable operation, and flow requirements are changing, it is best to choose adjustable speed peristaltic pump, and the maximum flow should not exceed the rated flow of the pump.
3. When the process for intermittent operation and no quantitative requirements, the peristaltic pump rated flow can be greater than the required flow. If there are quantitative requirements, then peristaltic pump rated flow should be in line with the actual flow.
4. The rated pressure of the peristaltic pump refers to the working pressure of the peristaltic pump under a certain power motor. The actual working pressure of peristaltic pump is determined by the pipe resistance loss and lifting height of the peristaltic pump. Therefore, in operation, the actual working pressure of the system should not be greater than the rated pressure of the peristaltic pump.
5. The pump belongs to peristaltic pump, so it has a certain pulse when conveying materials.
6. Peristaltic pump allows empty operation.

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