Application of the peristaltic pump--Laboratory and scientific research

Keywords: Laboratory and scientific research, peristaltic pump
2020-11-18 16:33
The laboratory is the place for experiments and experiments, the cradle of science, the base of scientific research, and the source of scientific and technological development. Laboratories are affiliated to or managed by schools. They are places where schools conduct experimental teaching and engage in scientific research. 2. National or international institutions engaged in basic metrology, advanced projects, very large research projects, and national defense and military tasks. 3. Enterprise laboratory, providing services for industrial technology development and research.
1. Chuangrui peristaltic pump product flow range is wide and adjustable, with higher fluid transmission accuracy and stability, and lower shear action is more suitable for the transmission of bioactive fluid. In the transmission of fluid, the fluid only contacts with the hose, eliminating the risk of pump contamination or fluid contamination of the pump, through the selection of corrosion-resistant hose can be used to transfer a variety of corrosive fluids, through the selection of wear-resistant hose can be used to transfer fluid containing solid particles. By changing hoses, the same pump can be used to transfer different fluids, avoiding cross-contamination between fluids.
2. Chuangrui Laboratory injection pump products, with high liquid transmission accuracy, flow range of 0.024 L /min-124.361ml/min. The fluid is only in contact with the syringe. By selecting a corrosion-resistant syringe, the small flow rate of the corrosive liquid can be transferred.
3. Chuangrui dilution dispenser, with high liquid transmission accuracy, suitable for liquid dilution and distribution operation of small liquid volume in the laboratory.

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