What are the features of peristaltic pump?

2020-11-09 15:16
Peristaltic pump products can be applied to all walks of life, and some industries must be used peristaltic pump, to ensure the cleanliness of fluid transmission and flow accuracy. So, what are the features of peristaltic pump?
1. Except for the pump line. Fluid does not come in contact with any part of the pump.
2. No seams. There is no place for fluid to leak.
3. No valves.
4. Can be used anywhere (not sensitive to direction)
5. Large flow adjustment range.
6. There are many types of pump lines to choose from. .
There are various types of drivers/motors available.
8. Easy to maintain.
9. Not too many spare parts needed.
10. Can be used in multi-channel pumping occasions.
11. Self-irrigation capacity (suction head up to 30 ft (8.8 m) on some models)
12. Can pump liquid, gas, solid, or heterogeneous mixture.
13. A complete pump line can be used from inlet to inlet.
14. Some pump pipe materials can withstand the high-temperature sterilization process.
15. Easy to clean after use. Removes a place where debris or bacteria gather.
16. Quickly replace the product -- simply replace the pump pipe -- to prevent cross infection

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