The maintenance of the peristaltic pump

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2020-11-06 16:11
1. The roller shall be regularly oiled to keep the roller in a good lubrication condition. Note: The tightness of the roller should be checked when filling the oil. If the roller is found to be too loose, tighten it with tsim tongs. If the roller is found to be loose and cannot be eliminated after adjusting the tightness, then the abrasion of the inner bearing of the roller should be tested twice, and the bearing can be removed to replace or the roller can be changed.
2. The roller bearing should be greased every six months or so.
3. After the new reducer has been running for a period of time, drain the oil in the tank and refill the 30# oil.
Does the peristaltic pump need cleaning? Do you need maintenance? The peristaltic pump is not required to clean, because the process of liquid transmission will be in contact with the peristaltic pump machine, just through the pump pipe to carry on the transmission.
Peristaltic pump body maintenance cycle is also very long, if the condition of use is good, only half a year to its maintenance can be.

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