Automatic dosing device for flotation based on peristaltic pump

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2020-09-07 17:07
The flotation method is widely used in the separation of fine-grained embedded metal minerals, non-metallic minerals, and chemical raw materials.
For example, coal mine, flotation is one of the most commonly used separation methods in coal preparation technology, and dosing is the key factor. At present, the flotation dosing process of most coal preparation plants in China is a manual operation. The amount of medicament is completely dependent on the manual experience of the operator, and its subjective factors are large, which leads to the large error of dosage and the unstable ash content of clean coal. At home and abroad on flotation automatic dosing began a lot of speeches. The diaphragm metering pump is used as the actuator in the flotation automatic dosing system abroad, but the application effect is good, but the application situation in China is not satisfactory, because the quality of flotation reagent in China is poor, and the diaphragm metering pump is suitable for  Its adaptability is not strong. The solenoid valve is used in some coal preparation plants in China. Because there are more impurities in flotation reagents, the solenoid valve is often blocked and the error is large. Therefore, it is urgent to solve the problem of the accurate addition of reagents in the flotation process.
Therefore, some coal industry groups introduce the peristaltic pump as the executive mechanism of flotation dosing and explore the precision problem of glass regulation in the flotation dosing process.
 Adopt the peristaltic pump BT300LC/YZ1515x of Baoding Chuangrui Precision pump Co., Ltd.
As a kind of consumables, the peristaltic pump pipe needs to be replaced regularly, and it is easier to choose YZ1515x, replace the pump pipe. The speed flow rate can be adjusted, which can meet the dosage of different medicaments and different flow rates, and make the small flow rate of the peristaltic pump more accurate.
 According to the actual requirements of the manufacturer, the selected medicament is a collector and foaming agent.
 After a lot of experimental analysis and successful application in coal mine flotation, it is concluded that the peristaltic pump is used in coal mine flotation with reliable operation and high control precision, which not only improves the flotation process index and stabilizes the quality of commercial coal, but also reduces the labor intensity of workers and the consumption of flotation reagents, which can obtain better economic benefits.

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