Why use peristaltic pumps in the food industry?

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2020-06-10 16:38
The food industry is a traditional industry with thousands of years of history. Food safety includes the safety of food quantity and quality. The safety of food quantity refers to whether we can solve the problem of having enough to eat. However, when it comes to food safety, people who are constantly improving their life quality pay more attention to quality safety.
Food quality safety refers to ensuring that food consumption has no direct or potential adverse effects on human health. It is an important part of food hygiene and a global issue. Food contamination is a major problem affecting food safety.
Increasingly, food and beverage producers are turning to peristaltic technology to meet their core needs of limiting pollution, reducing waste, and ensuring cleanliness.
Peristaltic pumps meet stringent standards by providing complete CIP and SIP functions. If food producers were to list one factor above all else, it would be hygiene.
Once a brand or reputation is damaged, it can be difficult to repair and sometimes cause considerable economic damage. For food factories, although special attention is usually paid to aspects such as personnel operations and hygiene requirements, the scrutiny of production and processing techniques is equally important.

Why use peristaltic pumps in the food industry?
For example, in the case of pumping processes, food, and beverage components enter the machinery. Although it is possible to clean the pump after disassembly at the end of each shift or between product transitions, does this guarantee cleanliness? In terms of protecting public health and avoiding high claims for compensation, no level of food contamination is allowed. So where is the road for food manufacturers?
n line with the trend of The Times, Baoding Chuangrui Precision Pump Co., Ltd. has been developing and producing a series of products to meet the various needs of the market and the strict requirements on hygiene as well as the increasing volume of food installation and filling. Its core product is the peristaltic pump. Peristaltic pump technology in its design has the characteristics of health, no moving parts on the runner, only the hose contact with the fluid, eliminating the pump, and the transmission of substances between the hidden danger of cross-contamination.
Peristaltic pump USES a rotating roller to extrude flexible hose components for operation. After each runner is rolled, the hose element returns to form and creates a vacuum to suck in the object or fluid. This has the effect of volume displacement to prevent backflow and does not require the use of check valves in cases where the pump is not operating.
Since the peristaltic pump does not have valves, sealing rings, sealing sleeves, or other common wear and tear that require frequent maintenance, repair, or replacement, it also provides a full range of on-line cleaning and on-line sterilization functions. This significantly reduces the chance of contamination, bacterial growth, or any other health problem. Unlike CAM rotor pumps, diaphragm pumps, or similar types of pumps, peristaltic pumps do not have any gaps or dead zones where fluid or residues may be a major source of bacterial contamination. Also, a strong case with an anti-corrosion powder coating and a waterproof case of high industrial grade is ideal for process flow, hygiene, and flushing applications.

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