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2020-04-21 16:58
Everyone will encounter some troubleshooting when using the peristaltic pump. Now let's take a look at the method of some common troubleshooting. If you still do not understand of peristaltic pump troubleshooting, you can contact us chuangrui precision pump at any time.

Fault Display: Open the peristaltic pump, The fan and display are normal work, to control the start/stop, the pump not work.
Reason: 1. Motherboard insurance blew a fuse   2. Drive is broken
Method: Replace damaged parts
Fault Display: Open the peristaltic pump, The fan and display are normal work, to control the start/stop. The motor is normal to work, but the pump head didn’t work.
Reason: The rubber coupler is broken
Method: Replace damaged parts
Fault Display: The peristaltic pump is normal to work, but it is not displayed.
Reason: The connect line is loose or damaged.
Method: Reinstall the line or replace a new line.
Fault Display: No response to the touch screen, but the keys by reaction
Reason: The touch screen lock screen
Method: Click the touch screen lock screen button remove the lock screen
Fault Display: The touch screen and keys no response
Reason: Drive control open state control
Method: Enter the system control shut down control options
Fault Display: peristaltic pump has no reaction
Method: 1 confirm whether the power supply is properly connected.
2 after the device is electrified, the display panel is normal and the fan is rotating.
3 check whether the power insurance is burnt out.
4 open the housing, power up to check whether the motherboard and drive lamp work normally.
Fault Display: The peristaltic pump responds, the motor does not turn
Method: 1 power off the check whether the pump pipe runs and causes the motor to jam or whether the motor has a hum.
2 power off the check whether the pump head roller and motor are jammed or not.
3 open the case, power-on the mainboard to check whether the red power light is always on and whether the green status light flashes normally in 1 second.

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