Why the peristaltic pump tubing is difficult to fill ?

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2020-04-11 16:07
The peristaltic pump tube is used as a consumable and needs to be replaced regularly to ensure the accuracy of the sample injection.
The following is how to check whether the peristaltic pump tubing works normally:
To check the working condition of the pump tube, insert the inlet end into the water, then take it out, insert it again, and repeat it several times. Observe the injection situation. If the injection is unstable or difficult, consider the following factors:
The pump tube is not installed properly, readjust the pump tube.
Pump tube tension difference, adjust the pump tube pressure.
The pump tube loses its elasticity, the pump tube should be replaced
The installation of the pump tube should be used in parallel as much as possible. Generally, the outer two are used. The internal standard can be placed in the middle.
The imported ICP generally leaves 3 or 4 positions for the pump tube.
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