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2020-04-11 16:07
What is the difference between the peristaltic pump for laboratory injection and the direct connection of two connections:
The laboratory peristaltic pump sampling is different from the liquid phase two-way, mainly considering the effect of flow on ionization. In terms of general MRM quantitative analysis, under normal circumstances, the needle pump is used to directly or manually inject the sample directly into the mass spectrometer. It is mainly used to find the cone voltage (or declustering voltage, etc.) and collision energy of the compound. The liquid phase, but not the chromatographic column, take into account the effect of flow on ionization and is mainly used for the optimization of ion source parameters. The liquid sample injection volume and sample concentration depend on your sample response and the range to be measured, but the concentration should not be too high. For general applications, less than 100pp may pollute the mass spectrum.
The same sample injection volume is, of course, a higher concentration of the needle pump. If you use a two-way connection, you should consider increasing the concentration. If the sample signal is flooded with blank solvent, is the concentration of the analyte in the sample solution too low, or the solvent noise is relatively high Large, in short, there is no way to optimize the conditions of mass spectrometry in this case.

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