How to choose a perfect micro peristaltic pump ?

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2020-04-11 16:07
Micro peristaltic pumps are used more and more in fluid processing, but most users still have certain problems with the selection of micro peristaltic pumps and small tube pumps, or they are vague or do not know how to choose products. The main section of the selection of the hose pump is as follows:

1. Confirm the size of the delivered fluid volume, usually, we use: common units such as ml/minute/liter/minute cubic/hour as the reference for flow selection;
2. Confirm the nature of the fluid being transported, whether it is corrosive, whether it is an organic solvent, and whether the fluid is a strong acid or alkali;
3. Confirm the viscosity of the fluid being transported, how viscous the fluid is, and how fluid it is. If we have a vague unit concept of viscosity, we can use shampoo or laundry liquid as a reference;
4. Confirm whether there is particulate matter in the fluid conveyed, the size and sharpness of the particulate matter, the particulate matter in the general transportation process can not be greater than 1/5 of the inner diameter of the hose;
5. Confirm the temperature of the delivered fluid. The temperature will directly affect the life of the hoses of the peristaltic pumps and hose pumps you use;
6. Confirm the conveyed distance and height, exit head, the suction stroke of suction port, etc .;
7. Confirm the method of the micro peristaltic pump and small hose pump used, whether it is a simple fluid delivery manual operation, or timing and quantitative delivery, or use of supporting equipment, special interface, etc .;
8. Confirm the voltage used and installation method.

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