What are the characteristics of hydrogen pump and peristaltic tube pump

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2020-04-01 15:20

Everyone knows that there are many types of pumps. Let's talk about hydrogen pumps and peristaltic tube pumps today.


The characteristics of the hydrogen pump:

(1) The working pressure range is wide. Different pressure models can be used to obtain different pressure regions.

Adjust the input air pressure to adjust the output air pressure accordingly. Can reach extremely high-pressure liquids, 300Mpa,

Gas 90Mpa

(2) The flow range is wide, and only 1Kg air pressure can work smoothly for all models. At this time, the minimum flow rate is obtained, and different flow rates can be obtained after adjusting the intake air volume.

(3) Easy to control, from simple manual control to complete automatic control.

(4) Automatic restart, no matter what causes the pressure drop in the holding pressure circuit, it will automatically restart to supplement the leakage pressure and keep the circuit pressure constant.

(5) Safe operation, using the gas drive, no arc, and spark, can be used in dangerous places.

(6) The maximum energy saving can reach 70% because maintaining the pressure holding does not consume any energy.


The characteristics of peristaltic tube pumps are:

1. No pollution: the fluid only contacts the pump tube and does not contact the pump body;

2. High precision: Repeatability and high stability accuracy;

3. Low shear force: the ideal tool for conveying shear-sensitive and aggressive fluids;

4. Good sealing: It has the good self-priming ability, can be idled, and can prevent backflow;

5. Simple maintenance: no valves and seals;


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