What is the difference between peristaltic pump and hose pump

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2020-03-23 17:05

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Peristaltic pumps are versatile and easy to confuse with other pumps.
Peristaltic pump is a kind of rotor type positive displacement pump, because its working principle similar to gastrointestinal peristalsis way conveying gas and solid and liquid phase medium . There is no strict distinction between hose pump and peristaltic pump.
In general, peristaltic pump refers to small flow rate (ml/min), low outlet pressure (no more than 3 kg/cm2), used in health field and laboratory measurement. The hose pump is refers to the heavy flow (up to 80 cubic/hour), high output pressure (up to 16 kg/cm2), used to transport and industrial occasions large flow measurement. Hose pump designers and users value its ability to strong abrasive medium. It’s without valve, sealing. The only part in contacting with medium is the inner chamber rubber hose, hose compression of the rotor completely independent of the medium.
In addition, there are many characteristics of hose pump:
No any other kind pump has better self-priming capacity then hose pump; it can produce almost perfect vacuum to suck liquid; conveying gas liquid, foam liquid without air resistance; strengths of transport high viscosity, shear sensitivity media; every turn fixed displacement and has nothing to do with the outlet pressure, was born as a metering pump. 
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