What is the application for the peristaltic pump ?

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2020-03-21 17:01
The application of peristaltic pumps is very wide, such as laboratory peristaltic pumps, industrial peristaltic pumps, etc. Let us chuangrui precision pump explain in detail below!
Peristaltic pump system is suitable for laboratory, industrial manufacturing and field applications, used in chemical industry; mining, metallurgy industry; paper industry; paint and coating industry; food industry; ceramic industry; petroleum industry; water treatment industry. Agriculture: dosing of feed additives, insecticide spraying, biotechnology: chromatographic plates, circulating cell suspension during fermentation, agar injection into petri dishes, filtration chemical industry: corrosive cleaners, elutriation, flow injection analysis , Tissue infusion, injection measurement, pH measurement, chromatographic measurement, filling and transportation, salt solution venom test environment: contaminated groundwater, flow injection analysis, sewage / sludge analysis, wastewater sampling, rainwater salt analyzer pharmaceutical industry: cosmetics preparation, Prepared with extinction liquid, decomposition experimental device, fermentation control, harvesting cell culture medium, nutritional supply of culture bacteria. Printing industry: lithographic ink dosing, ink dosing wastewater treatment: lime dosing, polymer dosing, water treatment : Chlorine analyzer, sewage pH control, silicone resin water cleaning and so on.
If you have any questions about the application of peristaltic pumps, please feel free to consult us chuangrui precision pump.

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