Corrosion and maintenance of peristaltic pump

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2020-03-17 13:28
 The peristaltic pump is mainly made of aluminum alloy, engineering plastics and stainless steel, and generally there is no corrosion. However, if the peristaltic pump has corrosion problems, it may be that the sample solution leaks from the atomizer or the peristaltic pump pipe leaks liquid, and the acid solution is not cleaned in time, which may lead to the corrosion of the peristaltic pump.Usually the test solution contains acid, if the improper operation of the peristaltic pump shell metal material, will form a slow chemical corrosion, the longer the corrosion is more serious.

Usually need to pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, often wipe and clean.In the environment, the sour gas is very large and the pumping effect is not good, which may lead to the corrosion of metal parts. It is necessary to ventilate frequently to keep the indoor air dry, which can effectively delay the corrosion of peristaltic pump.

Maintenance method of peristaltic pump during the experiment:
1. Operate according to the operation instructions to reduce the failure rate. The most common fault of peristaltic pump is excessive extrusion of the pump pipe.It is suggested to change the peristaltic pump pipe clamp into an adjustable pressure valve pipe clamp to avoid flattening the pump pipe.
2. After each use of the peristaltic pump, it is necessary to clean the peristaltic pump pipe, then drain the pipeline liquid, and loosen the pump head clamp to restore the peristaltic pump pipe to its original state.
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