Temperature requirements for peristaltic pump hoses

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2020-03-12 09:49
Peristaltic pump hoses are one of the main accessories of peristaltic pumps, mainly used to transport liquids, gases, and mixtures of gases and solids. Peristaltic pump hose has certain characteristics such as elasticity, abrasion resistance, pressure resistance performance, temperature resistance, not easy aging, and corrosion resistance. Now let's talk about the adaptive temperature of the peristaltic pump hose.
The working temperature range of peristaltic pump hoses is one of the important properties considered by peristaltic pump hoses. The materials of peristaltic pump hoses are silicone rubber, Buddha rubber, Teflon, rubber, plastic, synthetic materials, etc. Different materials have different properties and have different uses. Different materials have different temperature ranges. Silicone rubber is selected as the material for the peristaltic pump hose. Silicone rubber has a wide temperature range and is suitable for high and low temperature processes. For the peristaltic pump hose made of Teflon, it can only be applied to a smaller one. temperature range. When selecting the peristaltic pump hose, the user should first understand the high and minimum temperature of the peristaltic pump, that is, the peristaltic pump working in the system, and then ensure that the selected peristaltic pump hose is within the safe working range. In applications where the temperature needs to be gradually increased, the user should consider the effect of temperature on the chemical resistance and pressure bearing capacity of the peristaltic pump hose. As the temperature increases, the pressure on the peristaltic pump hose will gradually decrease.

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