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2020-02-13 16:54
Recommended High Quality Peristaltic Pump tubing:
·Norprene A-60-F -Food grade high temperature resistant hose
*·Norprene Chemical-Corrosion resistant hose
*·PharMed-Study on biological ingredients, cells with a peristaltic pump
·Tygon2375-Green hose
·Tygon F-4040-A-Hose for fuel, lubricating oil
·Viton F-5500-A-with strong corrosion resistant hose

If the peristaltic pump is turned off for a long time, it is recommended to remove the hose to prevent deformation due to long-term compression and affect the service life. To ensure the transmission accuracy, according to the specific wear of the hose under different liquids and speeds, The hose needs to be replaced regularly.
Norprene A-60-F    Food grade high temperature resistant hose
The characteristics of:
1.High temperature -51 to 135℃.
2.Repeated autoclave sterilization.
3.The most common type of resistance to detergents and disinfectants, aging resistance to detergents
and disinfectants, aging resistance than ordinary rubber tube.
4.Non-toxic , tasteless ,with American FDA, 3-A and NSF related standards.
5.Superior wear resistance , and is also suitable for peristaltic pump.
Norprene Chemical   Corrosion resistant hose
The characteristics of :
1.Norprene Chemical hose has chemical corrosion resistance and long life of excellence.
2.The inner wall of the hose for the Teflon material,smooth surface,without plasticizer,anti
liquid adsorption,absorption effect.
3.The outer layer of long-life wear-resistant material,is ideal for transport of acid and alkail,
alcohol,ketones and other corrosive liquids.
PharMed   Study on biological ingredients, cells with a peristaltic pump
The characteristics of
1.Can be used for a long time in the life of a peristaltic pump , than silicone tube long time.
2.Can be repeated at high temperature and high pressure sterilization
3.Biocompatibility can reach ISO10993 standard, with USA USP ClassVI, FDA and NSF related standards.
4.Air tightness is 60 times stronger than silicone rubber hose.
Tygon2375   Green hose
The characteristics of: 
1.super high chemical resistance, can stand buanone and other strong corrosive chemicals.
2.Without plasticizer, precipitated particles.
3.Smooth wall, can inhibit the growth of bacteria.
4.Hydrophobic adsorption, is extremely low, can guarantee the integrity of the fluid.
5.With USP Class VI FDA and USA,NSF standard.

Tygon F-4040-A    Hose for fuel, lubricating oil
The characteristics of:
1.For the vast majority of oil and chemical products, not brittle no swelling.
2.Resistance to ozone and ultraviolet radiation
3.Suitable for delivery of gasoline , diesel, heating oil, cutting oil and glycol refrigerant compound.

Viton F-5500-A    with strong corrosion resistant hose
 The characteristics of: 
1.For the vast majority of acid,alkali.oil,organic solvent and so on
2.Can be used for a long time at the highest 204℃ environment.
3.With ozone resistance and weatherability strong.
4.Good elasticity, flexibility, is the ideal pump peristaltic transport high corrosive medium.

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