How to deal with dripping at the outlet of the peristaltic pump hose?

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2020-02-05 15:16
The dripping phenomenon at the exit of the peristaltic pump hose: When using a peristaltic pump to stop liquid transmission, usually, especially for industries with high accuracy requirements, we hope that the liquid in the hose can follow the stop of the pump. It also stopped flowing down immediately, but due to gravity, we will find that the liquid in the hose will slowly drip down, and it will not stop flowing until the dripping is completed in the pipe in a drooping state.
When we use a peristaltic pump as a quantitative tool, the dripping problem is a big problem. How does this dripping phenomenon occur?
This is a normal liquid flow phenomenon. The main reason is that the liquid is filled in the sagging hose when it is working. When the pump stops, the liquid at the hose outlet due to its own gravity or the ductility of the liquid. It will drip naturally along the edge of the outlet and will not stop until the liquid in the drooping pipe is finished.
In the process of accurate measurement, this dripping phenomenon will have a great impact on the measurement result. Chuangrui Pump Industry has added the suction function in the design of peristaltic pump. It can set the suction angle and the suction speed by operation. At the same time, it installs a check valve on the peristaltic pump hose. Phenomenon, thereby further ensuring the transmission accuracy of the peristaltic pump.

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